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18 Years

Chef David Jones and Chef Karla Lawrence sincerely enjoy sharing their enthusiasm through the classes they teach, the menus they create, the recipes they develop, and the events they produce.


Artisan Kitchen of Paducah has established a reputation for high quality and creative food and desserts.

Artisan Kitchen has four major aspects to its business.

First is the café which offers a creative assortment of sandwiches, salads and creative specials.

Second is the corporate and private catering ranging from the simple and casual to the most formal of events and weddings.

Third is desserts, wedding cakes, and specialty designer cakes.

And fourth is the made from scratch, home meal replacement offerings.




House Salad

Spiced bacon, toasted walnuts, mandarin oranges, red onion, and mushrooms with Mandarin Sweet Oil dressing. 12.00  


Chef Salad

Garden salad with our spiced bacon, tomato, broccoli, cheddar cheese and Your choice of roast turkey, ham, or grilled chicken 13.00

Add Salmon 3.00

Autumn Salad 

Apples, spiced bacon, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, red onion with Maple Cream Dressing 12.00

Add Chicken or Turkey 2.00

Add Salmon 3.00

Asian Chicken Salad

Almonds, mandarin oranges, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts with Mandarin Sweet Oil dressing. 13.00      

Greek Salad

Artichoke hearts, Mixed olives, Feta Cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onion, diced cucumber tossed with Greek vinaigrette 13.00

Add Chicken or Turkey 2.00

Add Salmon 3.00


Romaine, black olives, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing. 12.00

Add Chicken, Turkey 2.00

Add Salmon 3.00

Black and Blue  

Tender beef, red onions, mushrooms, blue cheese crumbles and Blue Cheese Dressing. 14.00

Strawberry Vinaigrette

New Item

Garden salad with strawberries, blue cheese crumbles, spiced bacon, broccoli and Balsamic Vinaigrette.  13.00

Add Chicken or Turkey 2.00

Add Salmon 3.00


Mandarin Sweet Oil,  Creamy Greek, Ranch, Italian, 1000 Island, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese

Pint 4.00/Quart 7.00




Served with Waldorf Slaw and your Choice of a side item.


Tempura Tangiers

Fried Eggplant, plum-date chutney an goat cheese on a croissant. 12.75


Portabella Brie

Roasted garlic, fresh spinach, sauteed Portabella mushroom and brie. 11.75


Hot Ham and Pimento Cheese

Ham, home-made pimento cheese on buttered and grilled Texas toast. 12.75



Spiced bacon and brie with chipotle mayo, greens and

tomato. 12.75


Southern Fried BLT

Fried green tomatoes, spiced bacon, roma tomatoes, and greens with chipotle mayo. 13.00


Chicken Caponata

Grilled Chicken breast with sun-dried tomato tapenade, mozzarella, cheese, tomato, red pepper mayo and greens. 13


Cranturkey Croissant

Roast turkey, dried cranberries, walnuts and celery in a cranberry mayo with greens on a croissant. 12.00


Southwest Turkey Club

Roast turkey, spiced bacon, chipotle mayo, guacamole, tomato and greens. 13.00


Three Little Pigs

Roast pork loin, spiced bacon, black forest ham and apple-apricot chutney. 14.00


Tender Melt

Tender, thin sliced beef, sautéed portabella and onion, mozzarella, horseradish sauce and greens. 14


Thai Beef Wrap

New Item

Marinated beef, cucumbers radish and greens in a Spinach Tortilla. 14.00



Thin slice lamb with tzatziki, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. 12.75


Sides (included in Sandwich Price)

Fresh Cut Fruit 4.50

Waldorf Slaw 3.00

Broccoli Salad 4.50

Greek Pasta Salad 5.00

Tortellini Pasta Salad 5.00

Potato Salad 5.00

Wild Rice and Edamame 4.50

Cup of Soup 5.00



Soups of the Day

Cup 5.00

Bowl 7.00




Mojito Tea: Sweet, Lime-Mint Tea 2.50


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 3.00


Tea/Sweet Tea 2.00


Hot Tea 3.00


Fresh Ground Coffee  3.00


Decaf Coffee 3.00


Fountain Drinks


Coke 2.00


Diet Coke 2.00


Orange Fanta 2.00


Sprite 2.00


Mello Yello 2.00


Pibb Xtra 2.00



Wine By the Glass/Bottle


Lolea Red Sangria          8.00/24.00


Butter Chardonnay         9.00/32.00


Ruffino Pinot Grigio      6.00/20.00



Dry Ground Preacher Pilsner            5.00



Rhingeist Juicy Truth IPA                   5.00


Lost  Coast Tangerine  Wheat          4.00


Montucky Cold Snacks Lager            4.00 




Canned Cocktails & Wine



Malibu Pineapple Bay Breeze 5.50


Jameson Ginger & Lime Irish Whiskey 7.00


Cazadores Paloma Agave Tequila and Grapefruit 6.00


Absolut Mango Mule 5.50


Ketel One Cucumber & Mint Spritz 8.00


The Finnish Long Drink Gin and Grapefruit, Zero Sugar 5.50


House Wine Sauvignon Blanc Western Cape 8.00

House Wine Sangria 8.00


Underwood Rose Bubbles 7.00



About our desserts 

All desserts are made in-house.  All cheesecakes have an almond butter cookie crust unless otherwise requested.  The daily selection of desserts will vary.  While we always try to have whole desserts available for pick-up,  ordering with 24-48 hours notice is advisable for specific requests.  Pricing may vary for special requests.   

Cakes 39.00



Black Velvet
German Chocolate
Coconut Cream
Red Velvet
French Vanilla Butternut
French Vanilla Caramel
Italian Cream
Chocolate Caramel
Double Fudge Rum Raspberry
Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Pineapple Macadamia
French Raspberry Champagne
Lemon Blueberry
Neapolitan Sundae



All of the above may be personalized for special
occasions. 6.00



Quarter Sheet Cake (Includes Basic Personalization) 45.00

Half Sheet Cakes (Includes Basic Personalization) 60.00

Full Sheet Cakes (Includes Basic Personalization) 85.00

Cupcakes          3.25ea./ 30.00 dz  



Cheesecakes *          41.00 


Brownie Sundae 

Key Lime 

River City Mudslide 

New York 

Chocolate Fudge Swirl 

Strawberry Swirl 

      *All cheesecakes have nut crusts unless otherwise requested.   



Cookies     1.50ea/ 17.00 dz 


Peanut Butter 

Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip and Walnut 

Triple Chocolate 

White Chocolate  Almond 

Blood Orange and Cranberry 

Oatmeal with Golden Raisins 

Cherry Chocolate Chewies (Gluten Free)  

Caramel Chocolate Chewies  (Gluten Free) 

Double Chocolate Chip 


Bars      2.50ea/ 28.00 dz 


Black Forest 


Caramel Pecan 


Pecan Pie 



Catering events come in an endless array of configurations with varying degrees of required service. They can be as simple as delivery of food, or as complex as fully staffed and served meals with complete linen, china and glassware service. The following pricing information is provided to help with estimating costs for your event. Specific pricing may vary.

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Artisan Kitchen

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Artisan Kitchen offers gourmet sandwiches and made from scratch meals for carry-out or dine-in at the café.

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